Amaury Aubel

Caricature drawn by my talented friend and artist Koji Morihiro

Computer Graphics Specialist @ Dreamworks Animation

Research Activities (While at VRLab-EPFL)

Ph.D. page
Anatomically-Based Human Body Deformations: I completed in 2002 my Ph.D (advisor: Prof. Thalmann) about building/animating the anatomical layers of the human body for computer graphics and medical-oriented applications. The model I propose centers around the three main anatomical structures, which create surface form: the skeleton, the musculature and the fatty tissues. Each of these layers is deformed using fast, ad-hoc methods. The final model is completed by an overlying skin that automatically adjusts itself to changes in the underlying layers. You can find additional information about my Ph.D. work (and movies) here.

[PDF] Ph.D. Thesis (12.9 Mb).
[PDF] Ph.D. Presentation. 

Probabilistic Motion Planning: Together with Marcelo Kallmann, we are exploring probabilistic roadmap-based motion planners for the animation of humanoids. Our focus in on planning natural motions of the human arm, spine and knees for reaching objects while avoiding self-collisions and obstacles in the virtual environment. We are currently investigating ways to increase the naturalness of the produced motions.

You can find additional information and mpg movies here

Adaptive Mass-Spring Systems: Marcelo Kallmann and I co-advised the diploma work (M.Sc. Thesis) of Pierre-Yves Burgy on adaptive mass-spring systems. We developed a methodology for adaptively subdividing triangulated and quadrangulated surfaces in 3D while ensuring a quasi-equivalent physical behavior of the mass-spring network.

[PDF] Short report (sorry, in French only!).

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Animated Impostors: We proposed in 1998 an image-based representation of virtual humans as an extension to traditional level-of-detail. This allows to speed up the rendering of human crowd scenes or to populate virtual environments. Click here for two short movies (recorded live).

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